Friday, May 18, 2007

Top 5 Ways to Increase Rain's Concert Ticket Sales...

So I know Rain's having some difficulty with selling tickets for his Atlanta concert. This post is my opinion on how he can increase his sales. The first thing I must state though, is that I am totally scratching my head on why Atlanta was a chosen city for his concert tour. I know he's a super pop-star, but that's currently in Asia. His fans are mostly Asians / Asian Americans, and Atlanta has only 2% Asians. I understand LA, SF, NYC, and Toronto make sense, but Atlanta? Why not Chicago that has 5%, or Boston with 8% Asian population? But what do I know. It's too late now, so all we can do is work with the situation and come up with a game plan on how to fix the situation. Here we go...
  1. Have Rain actually go to Atlanta and make a simple appearance on a radio station. I don't think he has actually set foot there, so how does he expect to win over those 2% of Asians and the rest of the population who might / might not know him. While he's there, get the DJ's to play his song and have contests for his tickets (like what I am doing on my site)
  2. Have a local newspaper write an article about him like he received last year from New York Times. NY to GA is a very far distance, so get him in a local paper and you'll get more awareness.
  3. Have Rain go to this biggest mall down there and do a mini performance to showcase his skills. There are bound to be media coverage for something like that.
  4. Invest in some street marketing (guerilla marketing) tactics such as hand outs of his singles to music lovers down there. This will drive awareness, too.
  5. Since this is the last suggestion, let's think outside the box on this one!!! We need to have his fans from that area wear shirts and carry banners that promote his concert, and march a somewhat populated/famous area to get the word out. Stuff like this really draws attention and media.

So when it comes down to it, Rain needs to be there to promote his concert, on top of having devoted fans do some street marketing. Rain currently does not have the name / brand awareness he needs to just throw his debut concert there without stepping foot there. In order to increase ticket sales, we need to increase the trial rate. There are just not enough fans to have a sell out concert, so he needs to gain new fans. And the media (local tv and radio) is the biggest means of helping our man, Rain, to do so. Thoughts?