Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ji-Hoon vs Rain


So lately, it looks like Rain's World Tour Concert has become Ji-Hoon World Tour, and I am not sure why this is happening. There have been rumors that since Rain might be leaving JYP Entertainment, there are legal issues with the name. While other rumors say he can't use "Rain" in the US during his tour, or to minimize confusion from another artist called Rain having concert in the US as well.

Personally, I think this problem must be resolved ASAP. In order to launch a brand or a person anywhere (especially in a different market), you need to stick with brand recognition. Even though people recognize his face, but the name just isn't as catchy as "Rain". In my opinion, people are going to be less accepting with "Ji-Hoon" vs "Rain". If Rain wants to have a successful launch, his brand marketing team will need to think of a solution fast. The only artists I can think of right now who has changed their name are Prince and Diddy. But they did that years after having huge success from what they were formally known as. For Rain, changing his name at such an early timing in the US will have a huge negative impact on how well he succeeds.

Rain has had 2 out of 6 concerts in North American cancelled (66% success rate), being 2nd to market (after Se7en), and a name change? Hmm... I know Rain is going to be in Speed Racer and will be recognized as Ji-Hoon Jung, so that might be a reason why they are making the change. But honestly, it might have better to stick with the name that made him popular in the first place, which was his singer name in the music industry (RAIN). People recognized him as Rain, not Ji-Hoon. But I am sure his team knows what their doing, so best of luck with that

What are your thoughts???!!!


desperate said...

ji-hoon? i cant imagine Rain being called anything besides "Rain" except for maybe being called "bi". i don't think changing his name is such a hot idea>_<

desperate said...
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cjlatina said...

who is the other sing named Rain in the US? i live here and i never heard of another person by the name Rain.

lau lau lau said...

i definetely don't think using ji-hoon would be a good idea. people know him but Rain which is what made him famous so it would be best to stick to t.hat. hmm... is there really another performer in the US that goes by Rain? because i definetely did not know that

Julie said...

I can see how people could get rain mixed up with a few things when buying tickets in the US since when you do a search for "Rain" on a lot of ticket selling websites multiple things pop up having the word "Rain" in it.

Personally if I saw Rain, Bi, or ji-hoon the first thing I think of is Rain. Changing it to ji-hoon wouldn't have such a big impact on me personally because I watched this Dramas, when i speak of him i say ji-hoon. As fans i think a lot of people would know him as ji-hoon. Although the name Rain/Bi is what made him popular people who don't know him now could get to know him as ji-hoon, and the old fans hopefully would get use to his name changed to ji-hoon.

O-O DID THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?? it made sense to me T_T

madoka said...

well, there is so many shows (or concerts) with the title "Rain" if you search in I think this is the reason why. To make less confusion, so that people won't buy the wrong tickets.

Personally, I searched "Rain" in couple weeks ago and it pops up 8 concerts in Atlantic City Hilton. Later they deleted it and I found they move the concert to another artist, and it should be concert called "Rain: the Beatles Experience" instead.

Dona A. said...

I personally think changing 'Rain' to 'Ji Hoon' isn't a good idea. It's not that catchy! And yeah, if you go buy tickets online (like on ticketmaster) there would be atleast 10 'Rain' listed to the result.
Whether they resolve the problem or not...'Ji Hoon' or 'Bi' is perfectly fine to me but 'Rain' is always going to be in my heart.

lmsandra said...

I would like to ask Rain to be more available to his english speaking fans. If he wants to be successful in north america, then he has to share more with his fans. He needs an english website or blog where he goes to read comments from his fans as well as to keep us updated with what's happening. Such as Britney Spear's website. there are too many rumours now about his name change and split from JYP what's real?

Leslie said...

I know why its Ji Hoon now. Its because there is another artist- i think country - with the name Rain. Its for les confusion. And also i heard that his JYP contract is almost over ?

rainyydayrecess said...

the rain-usa representative said that it was cause of legal issues.. hmm. none of the other countries other than the US had a problem with RAIN so I think it's just a legal issue HERE.

that's why i think there hasn't been an news on it about him changing his stage name to Ji-Hoon. it's just on the posters for the US concerts, and a word from the rain-USA rep. but none of that talk in the press.

i think it's a bad thing and a good thing.. good thing cause of him as an actor in speed racer, but bad cause everyone who's heard of him even for BRIEFLY, will just be like ji-hoon..??