Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rain's Concert Ticket Contest Update

To end the suspense and just wrap it all up, I will be drawing the winner to all of the Rain's FREE Tickets tomorrow. That's right, ALL Tickets. So all you Atlanta, Hawaii, NYC, and LA fans, get ready...
Please check back!!! Last time to step up your game!!! Good luck and remember to continue to support!!!


Megan said...

Step up our game? *steps* lol. Sorry. XD
-Crossing my fingers for New York. :]

Daisy said...

me too i want the new york tickets so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want them

Deborah Bae said...

la = staples center

i really wish i was one of them. i never went to a korean concert before.
plus, its rain. =)


Amabelle said...

hiii.. please pick me for la tickets! =)

sarang hAE! =)

desperate said...

good luck to everyone