Sunday, June 3, 2007

Se7en at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards?

So as I was surfing the net and read that Se7en might be at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Now, I find this kind of questionable, but rather share it with all of you in case it is true. Maybe he'll have an on-stage performance? I am not holding my breath though =)

As I am watching the MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show, I see that SuChin Pak is one of the host. This brings me back to over a year ago at Rain's NYC Concert when I sat right behind Miss Pak and her 2 friends. My friend and I briefly introduced ourselves and she was just the nicest person around. But I am not sure what happened, but even before Omarion busted out of the stage during the middle of the concert, SuChin and her friends decided to leave the concert a little prematurely. I was assuming that she was going to the after party, but I didn't see her when I got there. Anyway, let's stay on the lookout for Se7en and any other Asian artist that might be there tonight. Let the show begin!!!!

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