Friday, July 6, 2007

Old School Hong Kong artist are back this summer

Check out the old school Hong Kong artists concerts this summer...

July 14th - Sally Yeh, Las Vegas (Caesars Palace), 8pm
July 20th - Dragon Li Lung Kei & Akina Hong Wah, San Francisco, CA
July 21st - Kwan Kuk Ying Concert (Pala Casino) 7:30pm
July 22nd - Annabelle Louie on Na & Hsieh Lei, Temecula, CA (A Midsummer Night's Concert)
Aug 26th - Shirley Kwan, Toronto, ON (Casino Rama)
Aug 26th - Adam Cheng, Niagara Falls, ON (Fallsview Casino Resort), 7pm
Aug 27th - Adam Cheng, Niagara Falls, ON (Fallsview Casino Resort), 8:30pm


jeannie said...

Hey, just passing through, found your site through Thanks for the updates!

I was you have any idea if Snow Wolf Lake is coming to the US, specifically California?

aznconcerts said...

There are no plans for Snow Wolf Lake to be back in the US, but if you go to Jacky's concert, he brings a small portion of it to his act. It's awesome. I will keep you posted if it does come to the US. Until then, go to his concert!