Monday, July 16, 2007

Sammi Cheng Las Vegas Concert - Review, Pics #2

After having a 2 hour dinner, we rushed to NY NY and valet our car there (knowing how jam packed the parking is at mgm grand everytime there's an asian concert) we made it over to the Grand Garden by about 8:05pm. My friend and I had bought really cheap seats this time (see pictures), so we were way back, but at least we were in the center, none of this sitting and looking right or left for two whole hours thing. I think we got lucky this time, because normally the Grand Garden's setup for concerts would be about 13,0000 seats, but apparently they got smart this time and closed off all of the upper sections in the back. If all the seats were opened, then where we were sitting would have been the 70-80 range (but we paid only $48, I think sammi is totally worth more than that, but all the good seats were already taken, so I didn't want to pay extra to watch her from a side view). I think MGM Grand and the production were smart about this, by closing some of the upper sections, they made the concert look much much more fuller (than compared to the kelly chen concert in december of 06). So thumbs up to the production company!

Sammi started off with quite a few songs that I didn't know, (oh and by the way, I don't know any chinese, so I missed all the jokes). After about half way through though, she started kicking off some more familiar songs as well as a dance session that must've lated like 20 minutes (with a mini-break in between). That session was well worth being there. She was just amazing. I couldn't imagine how much effort it was to continue going on the way she did. That was defintely a real treat for us all. Some of the songs she sung, my favorites (since I could recognize them), "Mutual" (apathy) with her backup singers starting off the song with the chorus and her stepping into it after. She also did "on the line of love" (from the movie "Needing you") while walking down to shake the hands of fans. I would've ran down too, but boy there were so many people, I don't think I could've gone half way. I totally have the songs in different order, because I can't remember the order, but she two other songs from her movies "Return to my side" (My left eye sees ghost) and A lifetime of Beauty (Love on a Diet). The one song though that totally got me was when she sang "Our Theme song" (I want to say this was also from another movie, but I'm not sure). My god her voclas were awesome! I so wished that they have a concert dvd for this coming soon, I'd love to watch and listen to her do that song again. So beautiful.

The crowd tried their best to keep the energy going, at least where I was sitting. The show ended around 10:30pm. I really wished she could've done a few more songs, but I've heard that there's some time limit they have to stick to. It was a wonderful concert, and I'm glad that Sammi came here to do her show. I can still her singing our theme song, (maybe because I
kept playing it from a previous concert in my car) :)

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