Sunday, March 30, 2008

Peace Concert in LA, USA Postponed

On Saturday March 29, 2008, it will be announced to the public that the 2008 Peace Concert will be postponed to a future date June 28. Please note, the concert is NOT cancelled. We anticipate the artist lineup for the Peace Concert will be the SAME, if not, even better; we will NOT downgrade the artists. The reason for this unexpected delay is due to the withdrawal of a major airlines company who was supposed to sponsor this event. Initially, our concert required less than 100 staff to fly in from Korea. However during the last few weeks, because we have added more performers and consequently more staff, we had increased the number of staff to 170, which the airlines could no longer cover. We apologize for this adjustment to our program and we hope that our guests will understand. We will be honoring the April 5th tickets for the new date. All guests who bought tickets for the 5th will be compensated with a “gift” at the day of the concert


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