Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grasshopper at Taste of Asia June 28-29th Toronto

Taste of Asia is a huge and successful charitable annual event held in Toronto since 2002. The event is hosted by the Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham, the Federation of Chinese Canadians in York Region, and the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario (APMO) along with the full support from the government. Entertainment Trends Inc. is proud to announce its participation in this summer’s Taste of Asia event and present a large-scale concerts: 草蜢 SUMMER DESIRE from international artists Grasshopper (草蜢).

What is Taste of Asia
The purpose of Taste of Asia is to promote the multicultural mosaic of Canada and create harmony between different ethnic groups through an event of mutual respect and co-operation. This is good cultural exchange and is an ideal venue to promote a better understanding between ethno cultural groups in our multicultural nation. This year’s event will be presented in the form of a two-day street festival (28 June, 2008 to 29 June, 2008) with non-stop musical and cultural performances from different ethnic groups. It highlights the cultural flavors of food, color, customs, arts, music, dance and fashion that are unique to different Asian ethnic backgrounds. There is no entrance fee to this event allowing everyone the opportunity to experience Taste of Asia.

At this year’s Taste of Asia, Entertainment Trends Inc. is planning to attract 150,000 visitors from Toronto and abroad during this two-day street festival.

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