Saturday, October 18, 2008

Win Joey Yung Concert Posters!!!

Joey Yung live in Reno 2008 concert feedback! We greatly value your feedback and suggestions/comments in regards to our recent Joey Yung live in Reno concert!

Please leave us a working email address: select lucky patrons who leave us their feedback will win Joey Yung live in Reno concert posters!

1. Was the city location of the Joey Yung concert in Reno ok? too far? please let us know

2. Did you like the venue, the Tuscany Event Center @ Peppermill Casino? what did you like about it? what did you dislike about it?

3. Which section did you sit in during the Joey Yung concert? Was your section full or empty? Was the view from your section good?

4. From your view of the entire venue & concert, did you think it was a full house or not?

5. How does the Reno Joey Yung concert compare to her Hong Kong concert?

6. What price ticket did you buy? Did you get the ticket for free? Did you purchase a discounted ticket?

7. Did you think the Joey Yung Reno concert was a success? what could be done to improve our next concert?

8. What singer(s) do you want to see next in concert in the SF Bay Area or in Reno?
please email your feedback to:

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