Monday, December 22, 2008

Hins Cheung 1/23/09 Vancouver Concert!

Thanks to Leonard for info. on Hin Cheung's Vancouver Concert! Enjoy!!

張敬軒溫哥華演唱會是在於1月23日2009年 vancouver downtown "The Centre" 演出 購票地點是在各Fido Unipage分店(Royal Centre, Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Aberdeen Centre, Parker Place and Lansdowne Centre) 或是在主辦機構Media One Office (opposite Richmond 太古廣場) 都可購買 票價有分$58, $78, $88, $108, $168 如有其它疑問 可請洽 Media One 604-232-8200 ext 111/110

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