Sunday, May 31, 2009

Asianwave Intimate Concert Series

Asianwave celebrates its’ 6th Anniversary by partnering with the Town of Richmond Hill to present a very special series of musical concerts during the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts’ Inaugural Season. The “Asianwave Intimate Concert Series” will feature Hong Kong stars Jason Chan, Ivana Wong and Eric Suen.

Unlike other concert venues where the audience might have to rely on projection screens to “see” the performance, the Richmond Hill Centre provides a great view to every seat in the house. Since only 631 seats are available for each concert, the Asianwave Intimate Concert Series audience will feel like they are all in the first few rows because they are. Imagine the intimacy of these concerts with their smaller audience size and the closeness of the stage! In these “intimate” shows, the artists will no longer perform isolated from the audience. The performers will be so close that you could almost reach out and touch them! That is the definition of “intimate”! And of course the sound will be fantastic with acoustics designed by the award-winning firm Diamond and Schmitt Architects, who also designed the acoustics for the Four Season Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Toronto. The concerts of the Asianwave Intimate Concert Series will be unlike any other you have seen and of course, each concert will feature an evening of world-class singing entertainment.

The Asianwave Intimate Concert Series kicks off on September 14, 2009 with York Region resident Jason Chan who will perform his first solo concert in Canada. His debut CD “First Experience” was well received with many accolades as critics compared his voice to the veteran vocalist Hacken Lee, who is acknowledged as having one of the best voices in the industry. Jason attributes his singing skill from his passion for music and studying his favourite singers and groups such as David Tao, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance.

Next on November 23, 2009 Ivana Wong – red hot after winning seven industry awards including the Jade Solid Gold Award for “Most Popular Singer-Songwriter” – brings her voice to grace the Richmond Hill Centre. In addition to singing and writing, she also plays the flute, the piano and the drums. The highlight of her concert will definitely be the unique opportunity to see Ivana and the Richmond Hill Centre’s $100,000 Steinway piano create beautiful music together.

Eric Suen (Yiuwai Suen) will close the concert series on March 29, 2010. Eric’s name should be familiar to most people as over the years he has gained much popularity for his catchy love songs and he is affectionately acknowledged as the “King of Love Songs”. Blessed with creativity and writing ability, Eric won a songwriting competition at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1992 which then paved his way towards another music competition in Taiwan and launched his career. Eric’s concert in the Asianwave Intimate Concert Series will showcase his versatility as a singer and the intimacy of the Richmond Hill Centre will uniquely frame his wide range of songs from the slow ballads to the ones that fuse R&B with Peking Opera.

With only 631 seats available for each concert in the Asianwave Intimate Concert Series, tickets will definitely go fast! Tickets are $108 each (compared to upwards of $168 each for other similar concerts in other venues). Buy the Asianwave package for all three concerts for only $264 or $88 per concert – a discount of 20% off the single ticket price! Go on-line to or call (905) 787-8811 to order today!

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