Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Sunday Entertainment Concepts, Inc.

Thanks to Jonathan Mui at Sunday Entertainment Concepts Inc for this interview! Enjoy!

1. Tell me more about Sunday Entertainment Concepts, Inc.
We are full service concert promoters. Sunday Entertainment Concepts started in 2003. We have produced close to 50 events so far. We are also expanding our market to bring Western Stars to Asia for Concerts.

2. What makes Sunday special vs. other concert promotion companies out there?
We work as a small group and have a great balance of work and fun; we incorporate this during our work. This makes us feel less tense while working on these shows, and having a great working energy at the same time.

3. How do you get Asian artists to come to the US for a concert?
We have connections and contacts for most managers and entertainment companies, first looking at the availability of the artists, as well as the budget for each production we do.

4. How do you know which artists to get to come to the US? Do you take a poll?
The casinos request which type of artist they would like to have come to the casino, attracting different crowds for each show we do. We submit a few proposals with different artists and let the casino choose who they want to “Seal the deal for”.

5. How long does planning a concert take?
After initial inquiry, planning includes arranging their travel itineraries, most important when are they available to fly to the US. Then arranging hotel, meals, ground transportation, schedule for the show and fun!

6. What are the biggest challenges in planning a concert?
Planning the logistics of the show, and every moment before a contract is signed with the artists and the casino. Nothing is set in stone until contracts are signed!

7. What does your ideal concert look like?
A successful one!

8. Do you have any advice on how fans can get closer to their idols during the concert?
Scope out the venue and make a strategic move that is what I use to do when I use to go to concerts and I wasn’t working for a promoter. I was very successful :)

9. Where do you see Sunday in 5 years from now?
We will be expanded to all of US/Canada/Asia… and all BUSY!!!

10. Anything else you want to tell our readers?
Enjoy the show!

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