Thursday, February 18, 2010

齊秦、齊豫外面的世界演唱會預售, Chyi Yu Concert

Chyi Chin & Chyi Yu 齊秦、齊豫外面的世界演唱會預售 live in San Jose,CA June 13,2010
The most gifted sounds,
The most talented siblings,
Chyi Chin, Chyi Yu,
Accompany your memories with youth, love and dream.
Outside World Concert
Date & Time: June 13,2010 @ 7:00pm Sunday night
Venue Location: San Jose State Event Center, 290 S 7th street, San Jose, CA 95192
Ticket Prices: $58, $68, $78, $98, $118, $138
Show Info Hotline: 510-651-6888 or email:
Online ticket:
Free bus from San Francisco, please call: 415-781-8330 for details.

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Choo said...

I missed the Chyi Yu Concert at Beijing, any concert will organised again.... I m so sad cos when the time i know is the next day of the concert.