Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Our Chinese Heart Toronto Concert 11/28/10

This November China’s national television network, CCTV (China Central Television), will stage its renowned Houston International Film Festival award winning concert program “Our Chinese Heart” (or 中华情) in Toronto Canada. This spectacular concert event will be the center stage for the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Sino-Canadian diplomatic relations between Canada and China.

Our Chinese Heart will have the following features:

1. This concert will continue the momentum built by the success of “the Same Song --Chinese New Year Spectacular” concert, held in January 2006 at the Rogers Centre, where 21,000 audience members attended

2. Over 15 superstars from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be performing at this concert event. Our Chinese Heart Concert Series is the ultimate showcase for many Asian celebrities and artists. Over the years practically most of the A-list Asian artists have performed atop of Our Chinese Heart’s international stage generating enthusiasm and enormous turnout rates from the local Chinese community.

3. K’naan, the composer and performer of the 2010 World Cup Theme Song “Waving Flag”, will also be performing at this concert event. The invite extended to K’naan by Our Chinese Heart marks the first time a North American artist will share Our Chinese Heart’s stage with Chinese artists; further symbolizing the strong political bond between Canada and China.

4. The current estimated attendance is around 40,000 audience members with 20% from the local non-Asian market and 70% from the local Asian market. The remaining 10% will be attendants from outside of Canada.

5. Our Chinese Heart will be broadcast nine times on CCTV’s International channel (CCTV-4) and reach over 1.4 billion viewers spanning 130 countries worldwide.

6. In addition to these televised broadcasts, the concert and a series of related shows and reporting events leading up to the concert will also be featured on a variety of local and national media channels including, but not limited to FAIRCHILD, CCCTV, CCETV, WOWTV, KyLin TV, CBC, CTVGlobemedia, Rogers Media, CityNews Toronto, Omni, 680 News, CFTR, SunTV, Toronto Sun, Sirius/XM, Toronto Star.

We Canadians and Chinese were able to put aside our social differences at the height of the Cold War and work together for a better future for our friends and families. The partnership between both Canadians and Chinese can be traced back to the seemingly insurmountable construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway; proving that such a friendship can withstand the most difficult challenges that might come our way. It is a time of great expectation and an occasion to recognize the significant contributions of the Canadian and Chinese people that mark the 40th year of diplomatic relations.

This spectacular event has incredible potential for companies to develop international brand exposure alongside CCTV and the governments of Canada and China, as well as further connecting with the Chinese and North American business communities.

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