Monday, October 25, 2010

黃子華 棟篤笑20年娛樂圈血肉史2

Toronto Show:

Date: December 11, 2010

Venue: Sony Centre

Price: $125, $85, $65, $45

Vancouver Show:

Date: December 16, 2010

Venue: Orpheum Theatre

Price: $125, $85, $65, $45

Wong Tze Wah, the King of Standup Comedy, celebrates his 20th year in the entertainment business with a bang by making his premier appearance center stage at the prestigious Hong Kong Coliseum. Since the release of his Hong Kong tour dates, public frenzy and hype over show tickets have erupted! 8 of his Hong Kong shows held at the Hong Kong Coliseum with a capacity of 12000 have already SOLD OUT!!! The hype has hit Canada as well as all $65 & $45 tickets in both Toronto & Vancouver have SOLD OUT too!

Wong Tze Wah is prepared for an unforgettable night as he will leave 20 years of his best work onstage! Tickets are very limited! Get your tickets now before the show is SOLD OUT!

Ticket Outlets:


  • 1-416-870-8000
  • 太古及萬錦廣場 加居設備中心 理水天下 (Home Comfort Centre)
  • Ticketing Hotline: 1-888-984-4498


· 時代坊及麗晶廣場AMCALL恆星羅渣士 (AMCALL Wireless)

  • MAL 現代音像 (MAL Music)
  • Ticketing Hotline: 1-888-984-4498

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