Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bosco Wong 11/24/10 Concert!

Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Time: 12:00 AM
Venue: The Showroom

Bosco's journey in the entertainment world began in 1998 when he was spotted on the street by a talent-recruiter which led him to his first appearance in a lemon tea commercial as well as several minor modeling jobs. In October 2008, Bosco went further on his career development by signing a singer contract with East Asia Music and released his debut EP in December of the same year.

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Anonymous said...

Is anyone planning to go to this concert? How can I get there if I live in Michigan? I don't want to drive so many hours. I don't mind taking a shuttle or flying. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous the closest airport is Louisville, Indiana

Anonymous said...

I am planning to go.
The airport is in Louisville, Kentucky. To get to the casino you will have to cross the bridge to Indiana. It isn't far at all..the drive is about a 20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks! That's probably what I'm going to do.

I want to buy front row seats but ticketmaster isn't allowing me to purchase them. Did you already buy your ticket? Are front rows sold out?