Sunday, December 5, 2010

FREE Concert Ticket Sweepstakes - Holiday Special

Happy holidays everyone! It's that time again for us to give back to our readers. If you want to enter in our FREE ticket sweepstakes, please follow the 3 simple instructions below. Winners will be contacted via Twitter message on 12/18/10. Good luck and happy holidays!!!

  1. Follow us on Twitter.
  2. Post info about this website on your Twitter and facebook pages
  3. Comment on this post and include your twitter & facebook name, and which concert you want a ticket for.
Concert tickets around the holidays might be hard to get, so it would probably be best to get concert ticket after the new year. We will try our best to get you the ticket you want, but no promises if they are sold out. Thanks everyone!!!


Tina said...

twitter: pookybeary
facebook: Tina Chu
concert: jacky cheung

Michelle said...

twitter & facebook: michelleeyu
concert: jj lin!

Tammy said...

twitter: yunnielove
facebook: Tammy Lee
concert: Jay Chou (San Jose)

Michelle W. said...

twitter: mishimellow
facebook: Michelle Weng
concert: jay chou (la)

mzlisa74 said...

facebook:lisa hi
concert: jacky cheung 02/06

Anonymous said...

twitter: sujuworld
facebook: Nichole Chan
Concert: JJ lin

hkswtie said...

twitter & facebook = hkswtie
concert: jay chou/ jacky cheung

xiao said...

Facebook: Cindy He
Concert: JJ lin (atlantic city ) <3

Anna said...

Is it ok if I only use Twitter?

Twitter: beeterswit
Concert: JJ Lin


Mousey said...

twitter: its2PM
facebook: Miranda Lee
concert: Jay Chou (L.A)

Anonymous said...

twitter: ellen_g_elf
facebook: ellen guo
concert: JJ Lin in nj

i ask him for it so i really really hope i can win this~thanks~

Ping-Ping said...

Thanks a bunch for putting together all the Asian concerts. It is always hard to information on them so I'm glad someone is willing to share them!

twitter: zarrazlee
concert: Jay Chou (San Jose)

Sam said...

twitter: mckpink
facebook: Sam Wang
concert: Jay CHou (San Jose)