Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twins 人人彈起演唱會

Sunday, September 25 · 2:00am - 4:00am

康州金神大賭塲 Mohegan Sun Casino

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Twins 人人彈起演唱會

地點: 康州金神大賭塲 Mohegan Sun Casino - Arena

日期: 9/25/2011 2:00AM

票價:VIP $138, $88, $58, $38

查詢電話: 718-888-3113


環球娛樂 (Brooklyn) 5609 8th Ave 2/F Brooklyn NY (718) 437-7717
環球娛樂(Flushing)135-05 40th Road 2/F Flushing NY

麗瑩唱片(Chinatown)75 Chrystie St New York(212) 925-1098

天洋旅遊 (Edison, NJ)1681 Rt. 27 Suite 3(212) 819-8883

見聞旅遊 (Boston)12A Tyler St(732) 695-1989


Anonymous said...

why cant they come to california!!!

Anonymous said...

Cos they came to CA for their last concert.

canadian songwriter said...

Natasha Waterman
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concertos said...

Try and come to portugal we would like to here you. We people here love music.

asheniam said...

Is this blog still being updated? I found this blog super useful to keep track of asian concerts. Please keep up the good work.

Sonny said...

Why isn't this blog updated yet? This site was so awesome why aren't there any new shows?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, this website is no longer active and relevant. a happy chapter that has ended