Saturday, April 21, 2007

Denise Ho - Atlantic City Concert 4/15

Please join me in thanking Ah Yi ( for providing the following pictures and videos of Denise Ho's concert. I'm sure it was awesome. Enjoy!


lau lau lau said...

I went to the 1AM show and it was absolutely amazing. I'm a hardcore HOCC fan and she totally rocked it out that night. She was really charming and connected with the audience. It was great that she did an 80s medley because for people who aren't fans of her songs that definetely woke them up from their deep slumber. Her vocals were much better than her concert dvd and really shows that she's a singer with a lot of talent. She was so amazing on her guitar and had great dance moves. None of the other concerts that I've been to could beat this one.

aznconcerts said...

Thanks for the comment!! If you have more details and pictures, please email to me and I'll post it on a separate post. Thanks!!!