Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wong Lee Hom - Heroes on Earth Concert 2/25

Thanks to, we have a great review, pictures, and video of Wong Lee Hom's concert. Enjoy!!!

The much-anticipated day had arrived. My friends and I arrived to Mohegan Sun Arena around 1pm. We waited right outside the arena until the concert started, we even heard Leehom's rehearsal. We waited outside because we wanted to spot him and to our luck, we did. We managed to pass him our handmade flowers, red dragon, fanclub scrapbook and homemade cookies! He politely said thank you and apologized because he couldn't take photos with us, he was busy. We said it was okay and we'll see him later. He went back inside for rehearsal. We were all in shock and still in shock!

The lines finally opened at 1am. Everyone went through security check and we all rushed to our seats. A white cloth was hung in front of the stage and the words "Gai Shi Ying Xiong" were shown on it. We waited patiently for Leehom to start. Once the lights were down, the entire crowd was screaming Leehom!!! Behind the cloth you could see the silhouettes of Chinese martial artists. The white cloth was released and there he was! He was in his gold Chinese qipao outfit and then pulled it off to reveal a white outfit with red jewels. Boy, did he sparkle! It said "Big Mose" on his top. He started out with "Heroes of the Earth", "Open Your Heart" and "Love You = Love Me." He also busted out the electric guitar during "Heroes of Earth" and the keyboard. He had an amazing dance chorography! The homboy can move and Dance Soul (his dance crew) was awesome! Leehom lit up the entire stadium; my friends & I were on our feet! After a little bit of singing and dancing, he welcomed us to his show. He said Happy Chinese New Year and asked if we wanted him to speak in Chinese, Cantonese or English. Majority of us said English, but he spoke half & half. He also talked about where he was from and how Chinese New Year is celebrated in his hometown of Taiwan.

Then he slowed it down with "Forever Love" and "Kiss Goodbye". After that Leehom had to change, so we were entertained with DJ E-Turn! That man can spin! DJ E-Turn told us to chant with him, "When I say Gai Shi, you say Ying Xiong!" Of course the audience obliged. Then Leehom was introduced back and fans were on their feet. He was wearing green pant, sleeveless black vest and a white tank top inside. He also had on his aviation sunglasses. He sang "Ya Birthday!," "I'm' Lovin It" and "Girlfriend". His dancer ripped of his shirt during "Girlfriend" and made fans jealous with a fake kiss. Then Leehom brought us back to memory lane with "Love Rival Beethoven."

Intermission came around again and Dance Soul was having a dance off between hip-hop and Chinese dance! They were smooth. Leehom then came out with his acoustic guitar. He wore a baby blue shirt with two straps coming down his shoulder. It made him look like he was carrying a backpack. His pants were gray and there was a black side pocket with a diamond chain. He was standing at the top of the stairs in the middle of the stage. He sang "Don't Be Afraid." After that he came closer to sit with 3 of his band members. There was a technicality with his microphone, it was caught with the cord and it fell down. Besides that, he made it safely to his stool. He talked to us about a traditional Chinese song called "Gong Xi" and he did it in a polka version. It was adorable. He went out with "Big City, Small Love," and "W-H-Y."

Leehom took a small water break and headed to the piano. He was asking where everyone was from and saw people from Malaysia, Japan, New York, etc. Since Leehom was in the US, it was appropriate to sing an English song. One of my favorites from Elton John, "Your Song." Leehom sang it perfectly and his piano skills were flawless. He continued with "A Simple Song," "Crying Palms," and "Love Love Love." After playing the piano he went to play the drums. The man has talent, I tell you. Another intermission came on and they were showing a video of Chinese art. Leehom then came out with his "Chinked-Out" attire: red Chinese jacket with a Peking opera face, his red diamond studded cap, a white t-shirt with "Gai" written on it and black squishy pants. He sang "Descendants of the Dragon", "Beside the Plum Blossoms," "Mistake in the Flower Field," "Shangri-La," and "In the Faraway Place." He also played the Er Hu for a while. Are you counting how many instruments he played so far?

Leehom started to thank everyone and said good night, but we all knew he was coming back. Fans started to scream for Leehom and encore and he was back. He changed into a new outfit just for Chinese New Years, a black velvet jacket, red hooded jacket inside, jeans and shoes. He wore his Nike sneakers with the other outfits. He sang "Impossible to Miss You" and "One & Only." He made the audience sing with him for "Impossible to Miss You" and asking us to become quieter and quieter, but it didn't work out. Leehom had to keep saying "Sh …" Leehom and his dancers passed out red envelopes and I was lucky to get some. Confetti was also shot into the air. Leehom thanked Mohegan Sun and to Ernie Wu, the VP of International Marketing, who made it possible for Leehom to come. Leehom and his entire entourage even received red envelopes. Leehom gave away his red envelope to a lucky fan up front!

Overall it was 2 AMAZING shows! Leehom rocked the house with his energy once again! He did not disappoint us at all. It was sad to see Leehom say farewell, but it was also happy. Leehom has a lot of passion, a lot of talent and is so down to earth. He is a very likable artist and we love him for that. It was well worth the money and time to see him perform live even though many of us didn't get enough sleep after the 2am concert because we were just too excited to see him again at the 2pm concert. We're very fortune to celebrate Chinese New Year with Leehom, his family, his crew, his friends and his fans. Leehom made a lot of adorable jokes and was very interactive with the fans during both shows.

We all thank him very much from the bottom of our hearts for coming to perform in the U.S. It's very rare to have him here and we're very thankful! I hope Leehom enjoys all his gifts from us. He received plenty! We can't wait for him to come back and visit! Please don't be too long.

Thank you Leehom, Mohegan Sun, International Entertainment Marketing, Sony BMG and everyone else for allowing us to enjoy Leehom's wonderful presence, talent and music here in the U.S.


smeLLyphant37 said...

This review of the concert was for Malaysia and the date was 3/4, not 2/25. The 2/25 concert was held @ Mohegan Sun in Uncasville CT. If you like a review of that, I am more than welcome to share with you :)

Awesome blog!!!

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Smellyphant37, thanks for the info. If you have the CT review, we would love it here!!! Thanks for helping out and the support!!!

smeLLyphant37 said...

You're welcome. I sent you my review!!! :)

I am part of HOM Sweet Home (president). I will spread your blog on our forum and website :)