Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aaron Kwok Las Vegas Concert Review, Pics & Videos

Thanks to mymaddy and, we have pics/videos and review of Aaron's Vegas concert. Enjoy!!!

I got back late Monday night from Las Vegas. So sorry to be so long in posting about the concert. I have to say it was WONDERFUL!!!! Aaron was so precious and so happy and laughing and dancing and joking and smiling and just HAPPY!! He was so sweet to the audience and spoke to us a lot....every time he talked to the audience, they would turn the light on in the audience so he could see all of us. I was the ONLY Caucasian there!!!! Goodness!! 6th row seat was fantastic and so close to the stage and so close to him! He spoke a lot of English which I heard he didn't do that in girlfriend said it was because I was there. Yea right!! But oh, it was nice! He sang so well....not a sour note to be heard. His dancing was electrifying. His costumes were some the same and some variations of the 2004 and 2005 concerts in Hong Kong. The silver costume at the end was spectacular. SO glittery and sparkly and just amazing looking! This is Aaron from years ago.....I have not seen this happiness in him for a couple of years! It was so nice to see and experience his joy along with him! It was a fantastic concert too because you didn't know exactly which songs he would sing. He didn't do ANY of his new stuff....not even Silver Highway....just stuff from the 2004/2005 concerts......but again, it seemed new because he didn't do everything and it was a surprise to see what he would sing next.

Anyway, I hope he will stay in this mood for the concerts in November. All of you should try to go. He also said that he may not be able to keep coming to the States after 4 or 5 more years, so he asked us all to come to Hong Kong to see him. He said "Promise me!"Anyway, he is just my heart!!! him so much!!! It was SO wonderful to see him!...and to see him so happy!

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