Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Concerts Coming This Summer and Winter!!!!

Here is a list of concerts that are coming:

July 7th - Sammi Cheng in Las Vegas (MGM Grand ) - Tentative
July 14th - Sally Yeh in Las Vegas (Caesars Palace) - Tentative
November - Andy Lau in Uncasville, Connecticut - Tentative
Dec 25th - Jacky Cheung in Las Vegas (Caesars Palace) - Tentative
Dec 26th - Jay Chou in Las Vegas (MGM Grand) - Tentative


luc said...

This is too awesome -- Thanks for the info!!

luc said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the info!

xanimeotakux said...

wow! jay chou's coming to las vegas?!

RacheL said...

hi. just want to give ya props for such a great site. and Jay Chou is going to LV? i hope he comes to toronto as well. almost all the concerts u mentioned are coming to t.o. so cross my fingers. keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Cn any of u post a notice bout DBSK's concert in Mlysia??Cos we ,Mlysia fans rili cnt wait 4 them 2 cme so we need 2 noe....If u al noe da date,hope tat u wil paste it.....THX!!!

Vivian Wong said...

July 7th - Sammi Cheng in Las Vegas (MGM Grand )
I really love Sammi soooooo Much..........
I love your website too, provide much more information to us about Asian star's events.
Thank you soooo much!