Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rain's Concert Date and Time Schedule Change

Here is an update to Rain's date and time changes for his concert.

June 9th - Rain, Toronto, ON (Molson Ampitheatre), CANCELLED
June 15th - Rain, Honolulu, HI (Aloha Stadium), 7:00pm
June 19th - Rain, Atlanta, GA (Atlanta Phillips Arena), 8:00pm
June 23rd - Rain, New York City, NY (Madison Square Garden), 8:00pm
June 27th - Rain, Daly City, CA (Cow Palace), CANCELLED
June 30th - Rain, Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center), 8:00pm

I have already ordered tickets for all the concerts available and will keep you guys informed...


munkee said...

Awesome site! I check it everyday now! :D

any idea why Rain's Toronto concert was canceled?

xanimeotakux said...

hopefully, the SF concert begins selling soon. i'm so nervous that it might have problems..or get cancelled >.<

Anonymous said...

same as xanimeotakux, do u have any ideas whens da SF concert tickets begin on sale, hopefully it will pretty soon...