Sunday, May 6, 2007

Rain's Concert After Party - NYC 2006

Sorry for not keeping this blog updated lately. I have been busy with work and talking with Ticketmaster on getting tickets for Rain's and Aaron Kwok's concerts. Good news is I am getting the tickets this week for Aaron Kwok's concert in NV and ON, and Rain's concert in NY. Will keep you posted...

Since I haven't written a new blog to all of you in such a long time, I am going to make it up to you by giving you a glimpse of the after party I went to after Rain's concert last year. Keep in mind, I was one of many to be there, so my perspective will be different. Enjoy!!!

My friend and I were walking around Madison Square Garden while the avid fans were waiting in line to get ready to be let in to their seats. We spotted a couple of people who were wearing ties and had backstage badges around their neck, and decided to approach them to just talk and meet new friends. Before we knew it, we were invited to the after party. "Just be there by 11pm" said one of the gentlemen. And we knew this was our ticket to a great night.

The 3 hour concert was awesome, but my friend and I had more on our mind because the night was just beginning. We had a snack at a local Korean restaurant (forgot the name) and then started heading over to the club where we were told to go. The first thing I saw was a small club with a lot of people in line behind a red rope that separated the rest of the world to the entry of a great time. My friend and I walked up to the front of the line (while getting nasty looks from everyone else), and mentioned our names. Once we were let in, we started to look for Mr. Rain, himself. After asking around, we were told to sit tight because he and JYP were getting ready back at the Garden. So my friend and I bought ourselves a couple of drinks and just chilled with a couple of new friends, while the front of the club had a replay video of Rain's Rainy Day Concert video of his first song. I must say, I had to have seen that beginning where Rain bursts out from the stage at least 30 times before the night ended!!! Around 11:50pm, after a couple of drinks, my friend and I started to get disappointed. We decided to get some fresh air and walked outside. We immediately saw a limo and knew this was it!!! The first people to walk out of the limo was Omarion, JY Park, and some other of Rain's friends. I took a peek inside the limo and saw Rain being a little annoyed and would not get out of the car. I am guessing he wanted more body guards to walk him into the club, but not entirely sure. The weirdest thing of the evening was that the fans weren't shouting his name and tearing at each other to get a hand on Rain's body. It was about 20 people just waiting patiently and quietly. After about 5 minutes, Rain finally was escorted into the club. I stood right in front of him and still remember him walking towards me with his arm around one of the hosts of the night. The celebrities went upstairs into a private room (behind some curtains), as the rest of the party go-ers stayed downstairs just admiring the room that we could all see, but not get into.

My friend and I were noticing 1 big thing; there are a lot of attractive people in this club (especially Asian women). We could have had NYC's most attractive people contest all in 1 room. It was quite amazing. I still remember Rain, Omarion, and JY Park would randomly peak out of the room and wave to us. The girls immediately started screaming like it was his concert all over again. And sad to say it, but that was really the rest of the night for us.

The overall experience was awesome, but could have been better. The club was small and the people running it were jerks. The club wasn't like a Tao or Studio 54. It was just a small little place, and I forgot their name. Let's see how the after party will be like this year.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!! LOVED your review!!!! it was just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! after reading this .. i really feel like i was there with you .. and watched the whole experience *dreaming*

Boy! you are so hired as our website's reporter for Rain's concert this year LOL! can't wait to read your review on that ^^ anddddddddddddddd especially the after party!!!!!!

only if other ppl could be this straight forward in what really went there ..

You know how they are like? Ok let me give you an example … after reading too many fan accounts I totally can write one now! They would go something like …

I was waiting out the club .. and I was hungry .. i was kinda tired too … been up for 46 hours .. it was hot and .. I was not feeling much into the whole thing ,.. then I got sleepy .. then my friend’s friend who is 3 years older than us got into the club … so we were sitting out there waiting .. and then my friend said look over there .. I was like O My GoSh that was Rain!!! I saw him for less than a second and he disappeared in to doors ..and since I am still under age I couldn’t get in to the club … I know it sucks maybe next year .. sorry I’m so tired .. can’t write any more .. will come back later ..

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time!!! :)

Props to you and your friend getting to go the After Party !!! Doesn't it feel special to be VIP!? LOL!!!


kaylin said...

hey!! is there going to be a rain after concert party again?? that would be great to know where ahead of time, b/c I was really thinking of looking for him all over the city..and of course, being disappointed that I couldn't run into him... You really lucked out w/ the VIP treatment tho!