Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rain's first concert at Hawaii will take place in Aloha Stadium!

I found this article about Rain having a concert in Hawaii earlier than what was originally posted. I am looking into this date because it conflicts with his Atlanta concert. I think Hawaii makes more sense because there are more Asians. Having a concert in GA for someone who hasn't broken into the American market is kind of risky, even for Rain. This will be on my calendar, but only tentative. Enjoy!!!

World Star RAIN is going to rock Hawaiian on June 15 (local time)! His Hawaii concert will be held at Aloha Stadium.

Aloha Stadium is the largest and most versatile multi-purpose facility of its kind in Hawaii. The 50,000-seat facility officially opened on September 12, 1975 and features a unique air film cushion movement system that makes it possible to move four 7,000-seat sections of the stands into three different configurations: a traditional diamond for baseball (doubling as a wide rectangle for soccer), an oval for football and a triangle for concerts and other stage-type events.

This is one of his tour concerts in USA. The stadium can accommodate 50,000 audience and normally it's used for sports competitions such as baseball or American football.

Super stars including Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, U2, Janet Jackson had their concerts here, too. In these 100 years of Korean immigrant history, Rain is the first Korean artist who will step into this stadium for his concert.

According to the news, the local fans called the ticketing hotlines once the date is fixed. Not only Korean residents, other locals also showed high interest. The State Governer of Hawaii promised to provide the assistance, too.

Rain is getting more concern these days due to the ending of his agency contract. He stated his future planning is to concentrate on tour concerts in China, Japan and USA.

After his Japan concert at Tokyo Dome on May 25, soon Rain begins his USA tours in 7 cities. It lays the foundation for his upcoming events in USA music market. Other than Hawaii concert, he plans to go to Toronto, Vancouver, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles etc. Organiser cum sponsor for Hawaii concert is Click Entertainment; whereas USA tours are organised by Revolution USA Entertainment.

So far, Rain had two successful concerts in USA, namely Madison Square Garden concert on Feb 06 and Las Vegas concerts on Dec 06. Both concerts won great local response.

Source: chn.chosun.com
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