Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hollywood Bowl 2007 Videos, Pictures, and Reviews

Thanks to Kang Sung Hye, we have some awesome videos, pics, and reviews of this years Hollywood Bowl. Check it out!!!

Big Bang Rehearsals:

Super Junior


Big Bang :

Epik High:


It was anticipated by many that I know, because of their own sole reasons. Mainly for me, it was because Super Junior would be performing, but also because of Eru, Epik High, Baek Ji Young, Seo Ji Young, Ivy, Big Bang, and BoA. As the show started with Eru and Kevin Yoo singing the national anthems of both countries, i started to be amazed. Their talented vocals wowed me into a state that couldn't be relieved, and they were LIVE also.

After, Super Junior had walked onto stage, only to find the MCs get them off so they could get the fans away from the firework shooting stage. Super Junior then came back onto stage, and performed U. They had such charisma, such talent in them, that it was hard for me to not hold in my fangirl side. As they finished with their first performance, they introduced themselves. With Kangin and Shindong speaking in Korean, and Kibum welcoming everyone to LA in English, which is one of his childhood hometowns.

Another introduction was made, but this time for their song Miracle. With bubbly and cheery faces, they all danced happily along to their music. Waving and playing with fans in the process. As soon as they were done, they bowed to the audience, and walked off stage. They were absolutely amazing, but it was disappointing because they went first, and adding to that, lip synced.

The trot singers at the concert caught my eye. I never really listened to their music, and have only heard of Trot through Super Junior and some television shows. I found myself cheering and dancing along with them, and i loved all of their performances. As someone who is still a teenager, i enjoyed the other performances more. I swayed to the music of Eru and some Trot singers, and sang to every song that i knew.

As the time passed, and the first half of the show ended, i impatiently waited for the 2nd to begin. Ivy started off with her hit Sonata of Temptations, and i cheered and sang as loud as possible. Then she performed Aha, and older song, which i also sang along with. Fly to the Sky performed three songs, and Big Bang also did three. Big Bang came in through the spot near where i was sitting, and caused a bit of controversy when all of us girls stood up to see them.

In the end, it all became good as they danced and sang to Shake it, Intro, LaLaLa, and VIP. They were a hit in the night. Soon after was Epik High. They sang their hits, Fan, and Fly. They got the fans to chant Oh Oh Oh and Fly in both their songs, and then sang with Brian and Eru to DJ DOC's Run to Me. They surely got everyone to BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. Even in the middle of the performance, Eru's father, Tae Jin Ah, came out to 'bounce' with the others! That was truly one of the huge performances of the night. As the night grew near the end, BoA performed. She performed live and fully dancing to Girls on Top, Valenti, and MOTO. I at first heard that she would perform a new song, but that was proved to be false. The finale of the show was big.

All the artists came out to the stage for fireworks, and a group song. They sang trot songs, and messed around on stage when they weren't singing. I got up out of my seat, and to the sides to sing along with them on 'Julmeun Geudae.' As i walked out of the stadium, i realized to myself that this would be the one night i would never forget, as i saw my favorite artists. While walking to the parking, we saw Eru. Being the nice guy he is, he waved to me and my screaming friends. Now THAT was sweet.

Hopefully next year when i go again, more amazing things will happen, and the rave like this year will be better the next.

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