Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rain: Tears Fell because LA Concert was Cancelled

Thanks Cameoko for the translation. I agree, we should not blame Rain because as an artist, you have little say on things like these. There are many finite things his people have to ensure are in place before a concert can be held. I understand there are many frustrated fans out there, but sometimes things don't fall in place. Sorry...

Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Singer Rain cried and looked around forlornly when LA concert was cancelled.

"My fans are more important than the stage to me."

Rain, who has been preparing whole-heartedly for the LA concert, couldn't help but break down in tears when the concert was cancelled on the day of performance.

According to Star M, which has been preparing for the Rain LA concert, after hearing about the cancellation, Rain insisted on going for the performance even if the stage is incomplete.

Star M's representative and SPN said this over an international call, "Rain saw his incomplete stage and cried." "He is weary from insisting on continuing the performance even though the stage is incomplete."

Rain heard that the performance was impossible, and saw the fans who came to the concert despite not understanding a word of English (Korean??). He kept repeating his wish to apologise to them directly.

Rain wanted to apologise directly to the fans because even though the cancellation was not caused by him, he wanted to do something for the fans within his ability.

Rain insisted on meeting the fans at the concert site, but was strongly advised to give up and leave the premises. Star M, who is in charge of his LA concert, has formally announced the cancellation. Star M and SPN representatives stated the reason "cancelled due to complicated problems" on the international call.


Asianbuzz said...

He cried? Well, so will the people who made different plans to see his concert. Did they have a video showing his "tears" or is this just his PR company who wrote the press release?

Well, regardless Star M made some money selling the concert to different local promoters. What they are doing is messing it up for future Asian artists coming here to perform. :(

Leslie said...

Wow thats so messed up. I feel bad for everyone who showed up! Im sure he will come back!