Friday, September 21, 2007

Jay Chou 2004 Concert Review

On December 18th, 2004, Jay Chou brought his
"Incomparable" concert to the US and rocked the LA
Shrine auditorium. (I believe this was his second
concert in the West Coast, the first in 2001 with "The
One" concert in Las Vegas, but was shared the stage
with another singer). After releasing his Album Qi Li
in August, Jay did a tour to promote it in Asia and the US. This
time around it was all Jay and his guests, which
included Nam Quan Ma Ma. For 2 and half hours, he did
songs such as In the name of the Father, Sunny Day,
East Wind Breaks, Simple Love, Silence, Tornado and
many many more. As a special treat to the fans, he
sang some songs from other famous singers, which
included Wong Faye's "red bean." All of the songs
were great, and of course he also did Qi Li Xiang
(common jasmine orange).

The production was decent as Jay had a lot of dancers
out on stage with the fast pace songs, and also played
the piano for some of his ballads. The audience was
at full capacity from where I was sitting (way back in
the 48 dollar range). It was a truly entertaining
concert and you could really feel the energy at the
shrine (the shrine seats around 6,000 people).

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