Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jay Chou 2004 Concert Review (2)

For Jay Chou’s "Incomparable" concert in Los Angeles, the area surrounding the Shrine Auditorium caused major traffic congestion. Thousands of Jay’s fans all gathered together on December 18th 2004. Every seat in the auditorium was filled with excited fans from different places. It was another new record for Chinese artists drawing a full house in this auditorium.

Although there were some restrictions on the height of the ceiling, Jay Chou was raised up higher and gradually lowered in front of the huge cross while he sang “In the name of the Father”. Throughout the two hour concert, not only did fans enjoy it; even security praised his stage performance.

A lot of the ticketholders did not even know most of Jay’s songs. They were there simply because they liked who he was and how he sang. At the same time, Jay attracted more than just the Taiwanese crowd; there was a good number of fans from Hong Kong as well. However, Jay was still too shy with his Cantonese; when singing Faye Wong’s “Hong Dou," he resorted to half Mandarin, half Cantonese.

One of the auditorium securities was an admirer of Jay’s songs. During the concert, there were times where he was so into Jay’s live performance that he almost forgot he was on duty. He mentioned that when he first heard Jay’s songs during the rehearsal, he already thought they were good.

For those who had already been to Jay Chou’s 2002 Christmas concert in Las Vegas, they would have all agreed that Jay gave a much better performance this time around. He sang better live, and allowed the fans to really soak in his stage performance. His piano performance was also worth mentioning, one of the standouts being his impressive duet with Nan Quan Ma Ma.

That night, Jay not only sang songs from his first album, he also sang a lot of his new tracks from the latest album. When the audience called for an echo, excited fans started to throw their fluorescent sticks onto the stage. In expressing their excitement and appreciation, they created another highlight for the night.

The enormous popularity of the show was confirmed by the fact that no tickets were available the night before the concert. On this evening, in a venue which previously housed the Academy Awards, the audience was treated to Jay Chou's enrapturing performance, as well as the auditorium's incredible stage-and-sound effects.

By Junie Quah

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