Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bosco, Mimi, and Ella Concert Review

Thanks to Ah Yi, we have this review. Enjoy!!!

WOW! The past weeks seems to go by so fast! Just one more week and it's back to school! *sigh* so much to do yet so little time.

Just 2 weeks ago, I went to the Bosco, Mimi, and Ella concert. It was great! I had a blast! My friends and I stalked them for 3 days in a row and we only had 5 hours of sleep!! Here's how it began:

First we meet them at the airport (around 10pm), took some pictures and got some autographs. Then we followed them to Atlantic City (after the airport), but got lost along the way because of the heavy rain. After we got to Atlantic City (around 1AM), we put our luggages down in the room and drove over to the hotel that they were staying in (Showboat Casino). We stayed there for the whole night until 5AM. When back to our hotel to take a quick shower. We all couldn't sleep because of all the excitment.

Around 8AM, we went back over to Showboat Casino. We walked around the casino hoping to bump into them. We only bumped into Ella and Mimi in the hallways of the casino near the concert hall. Bosco we saw only when he can out of rehearsal. Finally (around 1pm), was the fans gathering. Around 10 fans showed up for the gathering. Everyone was excited to meet them. First up was Bosco and Mimi - they came in together. We all chatted together with them and they signed some pictures for us. We took individual pictures with them and at the end was the group picture. Wow was that great! After they left, Ella came in! She was very down to earth. She spoke in English with us and she cursed! That was funny! She liked to joke and laugh around us. She's such a cool person to be with.

After the gathering, we finally sat down to have lunch (around 3pm). After lunch, we walked around of a little while and then headed back to our hotel to rest up for the concert and dinner. After dinner, we headed back over to Showboat (around 12am). We were all getting excited to cheer them on!! Finally, it was time to go in! The concert bagan around 1:15am. WOW!! Out comes Mimi, then Ella, and finally Bosco!! Everyone in the concert hall was screaming and yelling on top of their lungs!! I know I was and got a soar throat afterwards. The concert ended around 3am.

After the concert, we decided to walk around hoping to bump into them after the concert. Around 5am, we did. Well...not exactly. We saw Hillman (Bosco's manager), and asked him if we can meet Bosco to congradulate him on his success of the concert. He brought Bosco out for a quick chat and a group picture and then they left. *sigh* What a night. After they went back to their suite, we went downstairs to grap a quick bite to eat before we head back to our casino.

Next morning (around 10am), we woke up. We drove back over to Showboat hoping to meet them once again before they leave. We walked on the boardwalk from Showboat to Caesars. *whew that's a looonnnggg walk* We thought we would bump into them there but we didn't. what a wasts of time. So we decided to walk out to the Atlantic City Outlets. As we were walking down the block, I suddenly spotted Bosco wearing his cap and a "I love NY" shirt waiting for a taxi. We started to scream out his name. He heard us and waved then he went into the taxi. Around 4pm, we decided to head back to our casino to get ready to go to the airport to say goodbye to Bosco and them. We left Atlantic City around 5:30pm and got to the airport around 9pm. Boy did we hit major traffic. We thought that Bosco would be arriving around the same time that we got there because we asked he the night before what time he was leaving Atlantic City and he said around 6pm. Well, we waited for Bosco at the airport for over 2 hours and he hadn't showed up yet!!! He finally arrived around 12am!! We were asking him why it took them so long to get here. He said he wantedt o aviod the traffiic and left Atlantic City at 7pm. But he didn't know that the later it gets, the more traffic there is!!! *sigh* Boy, were they rushed when they got to the airport. They only had time to take a few pictures and sign a few autographs. After that they went throught the gate to board the plane.

-----All of that was my experience in meeting them!!!

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