Monday, December 31, 2007

Wong Leehom Vegas Concert Review

A big Thanks to HomSweetHome for this review on Leehom's Vegas Concert. Enjoy the review and click the link below for pictures taken by them. Happy New Year!!!


December 22, 2007

Our first stop: Christmas Concert with Leehom Wang at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. The concert started a little late. Leehom finally came on around 8:30PM with an apology and a joke about Asians and running on perpetual Asian time. When Leehom finally appeared, fans were wild; screams of "Leehom!" reverberated throughout the arena. The concert began with a bang! Fireworks and sparklers illuminated the arena while Leehom was lowered from a stand onto the stage. He did exactly what he does best: singing, dancing and entertaining!

The concert was an extension of the Gai Shi Ying Xong concert, thus; he sang the familiar songs from the concert series. The songs ranged from the chinked out favorites from "Heroes of Earth" and "Shangri-La" to the older songs that the fans love and adore such as "W-H-Y", and "Julia". Because he has recently released a new album, "Change Me" he also played several new songs from that album. What is Christmas without a couple of carols? He sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "Jingle Bell Rock". What is a Leehom concert without multiple changes in costume as well as instrumentation? The talented artist wow-ed the crowd with displays of his adeptness by playing the piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, er hu and the violin. One of the more memorable moments was when Leehom played the "Lust, Caution" theme on the violin and also when he played English piece by Jamie Cullin, "All At Sea" on the piano.

Leehom also interacted with the crowd by asking the crowd where they were from Of course, there were people from all over the world, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia. The concert was in the US so of course there were also plenty of US fans at the concert. Throughout the concert, Leehom also made plenty of jokes and got the crowd laughing. During the song, "Kiss Goodbye", he came down from the stage and picked 2 fans to sing with him. The 2 guys that were picked were so happy that they forgot the lyrics to the song. Then Leehom walked around and shook hands with his fans. Some fans were lucky enough to get hugs too! Leehom introduced his band to the crowd, and much cheering ensued. His 2 encore songs included, "Jingle Bell Rock" for which he came out wearing a Santa hat and "The One & Only." He and his dancers came down to pass out mini concert posters. He went back on stage and did his thank yous and left.

The concert lasted over 2.5 hours! Leehom did an exceptional performance as always. Thank you Leehom for spending this Holiday season with us! We couldn't ask for more! This was a very nice Christmas present for all of us.


HSH Admins
Photos credits to HSH members: Kosin Huang, Jeanne Huo, Mary Jane Ong & Elly Wong (Photos Link)

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