Sunday, May 18, 2008

The 6th Annual Korean Music Festival Review

If you have heard or read people’s accounts at last night's Korean Music Festival ~ Hollywood Bowl 2008 (May 19), you’d surely feel how excited and thrilled the fans really were and you'd wished you could have been there as well.

The 6th Annual Korean Music Festival started off early in the evening, with daylight still very much evident in the sky; TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu sang the Korean national anthem. Though everyone was suppose to pay their respects to the Korean flag, many fans were screaming already. Undoubtedly everyone was so energized that the show has started, and obviously too thrilled that Xiah Junsu sang at the early part of the event. People could probably call that a “treat” already.

TVXQ fans carry with them red glow sticks, which were used for the (American) “Red Sea Project.” As well as those who came to support TVXQ, wearing red T-shirts and red balloons. Essentially the majority of the fans came well prepared, with specified glow sticks, balloons, banners, and T-shirts that show their support for their favorite artists.

Brian of Fly to the Sky who was hosting the event; the moment he was introducing TVXQ, one can’t even hear him finish the group’s name as his introduction was met by deafening screams of fans. The energy and all the fan noise were so intense that it was even hard to hear the music, much more the artists.

TVXQ started off with their powerful song, “Rising Sun,” which got the crowd crazy. Though it was (reportedly) lip synced (Rising Sun), the crowd absolutely loved it. TVXQ then introduced themselves and talked for a bit. They pumped up the crowd as Yunho urged them to scream “DONG-BANG-SHIN-KI” repeatedly. TVXQ then continued on with their sexy R&B song, “Tonight,” which they sang completely live. Fans couldn’t get enough, and continued on with their earsplitting screams as TVXQ started their third (3rd) song, their hit single “Purple Line,” which was in its Korean version. By then, the entire Hollywood Bowl was in total chaos. And then, along with other artists, TVXQ sang “Balloons” and finally, “Lets go On a Trip” with Fly to the Sky, SNSD, Super Junior, Chae Yeon, Lee Minwoo, SG Wannabe, and others. It was delightful seeing them all together.

As always TVXQ looked dashing on stage. They wore slick black outfits. Looking confident and forceful or should we say all-powerful. Its impressive how they have really earned the meaning of their name, which they have proved to be – “The ‘Gods’ of the East!”

Source + TVXQ photos at HB 2008

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