Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bernice Liu & Siu Gong Concert Review - 12/22/07

Thanks again to Tracie on the concert review. Enjoy!!!

On the day of the Bernice Concert, My cousins and I left for Atlantic City at 3pm. We arrived at the Hilton Hotel and checked in around 5-6pm. I knew that Bernice would be staying at the same hotel, so I kept my eyes open and looked around everywhere I went. We stayed at the hotel room while my mom and aunts went to gamble. We went down to dinner and was hoping Bernice would eat at the same restruant as us. The food tasted very good but very expensive. After dinner, I showered and decided to take a little nap before the concert, but I was way too excited!

I stayed up all the way. It was already 12:45 and my mom and aunts still didnt come back to the hotel room to pick us up to the concert. When they finally came up, they were taking there time and i got mad because it was already 1:00. The concert was about to start!! Finally around 1:05 we took the elevator down to the second floor to the concert hall. There was alot of people waiting to go inside. I was hoping I would get good seats since my aunt was a VIP at the Hiltons. We got front row seats but it was towards the side.

The concert finally started and the lights dimmed. A few seats next to us was empty so I decided to sneak over to the middle. Bernice came out wearing a beautiful outfit. She wore white boots with a skirt and top. She had a great figure. She came out singing "Truth". She sounded really really good! Her singing definitely improved! She smiled alot! Most of the pictures I took of her, she had her eyes closed due to smiling hahas. She is down to earth and had a wonderful personality. She danced and sang together as well. I was disapointed she never came down the stage. I was scared to go up the edge of the stage and shake her hand. During the Concert they handed out little card calendars with a picture of Bernice wearing a costume from the series "Steps" with her autograph!!

Afterwards Bernice introduced Siu Gong aka Steve Chou onto the stage. I had no idea who he was when I saw his picture on the concert promotion poster and thought he would be boring since he looked old. But when he sang the first song, I completely fell in love with his singing! He has a wonderful voice! He sang a very familiar song which i used to know and is the ringtone to my phone but I never knew he sang it! He is very hot for 30 something year old! He had orangish puffy hair with a earring and blue button down with white pants. I thought it was hot how everytime a song started he would snap his fingers to the melody. I really enjoyed his songs!! Every single song he sang amazed me and sounded good!

Then Bernice came back out wearing a long silver top with black tights and silver headbands! When she was singing "The Greatest Love of All" fans bought her presents! She got really happy and funny when someone gave her a present from Victoria Secrets! Bernice soon sang her last song and then Steve Chou came out one last time with the same pants and black button down! He sang alot of songs. There wasnt much applause for him after Bernice left. But I supported him all the way!! During his last song he was literally in front of me on stage, very close! I attempted to go up and shake his hands, but as I started to get up, my leg wouldnt move hahas! I guess I was a little scared . I got sad cause I thought Bernice wouldnt come out no more. But soon Bernice came out one last time and spoke in English giving us Seasons Greetings along with Steve Chou!!!

As we were getting ready to leave, some people were screaming ENCORE!! but they didnt come out ahhas! Some people were lucky because they had back stage passes! Overall, out of all the concerts I attended this was my favorite concert! I enjoyed every second of it, even the dancers and instrument players impressed me. Both Bernice and Steve sang really really well! They are both very talented! I support them all the way

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