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Bosco Wong Concert Review - 8 /5/07

Big thanks to Tracie for providing us with this review, pictures, and video. Enjoy everyone!!!

Once I heard the news that Bosco Wong was coming to Atlantic City, I got really excited and asked my dad if he was able to ask his friend for tickets. It took alot of trouble to be able to attend the concert. I wasnt able to get tickets until the day before the concert. Very long story lol. The day before the concert, I went to get bus tickets to Atlantic City, but it turned out that they were all sold out. There was no way I was able to attend the concert without transportation. I got really upset.

On the morning of the Concert, my mom surprised me and told me my dad would be driving the whole family to Atlantic City after work. I was very happy and invited my friend from school to come along. We left the house around 11pm, it would take at least 2 hrs to get to Atlantic City from Brooklyn. Throughout the car ride we were really excited and the timing was going well, until my dad got lost around New Jersey. He couldnt find his way out into the highway again, but thank god we finally got back into the highway. I looked at the time and had confidence that we would make it there just on time. The concert starts at 1 o clock. It was already a quarter to 1 and we were still far away. I got really really upset. We finally arrived at Atlantic City around 1:15. We met up with my dad friends and got the tickets. I ran up the escalators, it was already 1:30 and the concert started already.

We finally got into the concert, and Ella was on stage, she looked really pretty in a long green dress which made her look like a mermaid. We found our seats which was the second row right under the stage!! But it turned out that someone was in our seats, but we eventually got them out! Right when we sat down and took my camera out, they introduced Bosco onto the stage!! Perfect Timing! He entered the stage with a tux, shades, and a black stick hahas. He looked had his curly hair that time! He was really funny, he had a stand in front of him with all the lyrics. I guess he never had time to rehearse. In the beginning I forgot to put my camera on flash which caused me to take blurry pics =[. Bosco sang a few songs, I thought he did a great job! I especially loved the song Au Revoir Shanghai the most! But I was very disappointed that he didnt sing the Dicey Business subtheme. Soon MiMi came out, she had a afro looking hair lol .They sang an old duet. After that, Bosco and MiMi went backstage and Ella came out wearing a pink kimono. She came down the stage to shake hands! I was one of the first ones to shake her hand! Her hands were very cold ! I saw her face up close, she is really really pretty in person! Afterwards, Bosco came out again and did a hip hop/breakdance, it was wonderful but towards the end he kinda fell doing a handstand hahas! Then he jumped down the stage which caused everyone to run towards him, boy it was ALOT of people lol. I tried squeezing in to shake his hand, but I gave up cause there was way too much people. I moved to the side cause i thought he would move towards that side later, but it turned out he didnt, but i took a few up close pictures. It was funny cause all you saw was his arms, he was completely covered up by fans. I finally decided to squeeze in and try again, but I guess he couldnt take it anymore and went back on stage! I kept trying to shake his hand, he shook everyone hand except mine and mine was right in front of him =[ some luck i have. I tried touching his hand instead, but I couldnt see, too much people. LMAO, I think i touched his glove tho lol. I got really upset and regret not sqeezing into the crowd. My friend was able to shake his hand TWO times!! RAWRS! My sister was able to smack his shoulders lol. Someone from the balcony was able to run down and shake his hand too! oh well.. After the crazy commotion, MiMi and Ella came out to join Bosco and they sang one last song together! It was great! They threw out posters but I wasnt able to catch one lol. It was sad hearing them say bye and stuff, I really wanted the concert to still go on!

Overall I really enjoyed the concert! I took tons of videos and pictures! Bosco is a really down to earth person who loves to joke around! I love his personality! I loved MiMi too, she has a great personality also and she can sing really well.! Ella is very pretty and very nice! My friend and I wanted to stay after the concert to meet Bosco but my mom didnt let since it was "late".Soon we went back to our hotels and slept.In the morning, my friend and I decided to walk around the hotels and boardwalk and see if we could bump into MiMi, Ella, or Bosco.We walked around alot of times, went around ShowBoat as well but no luck. My mom told me that her co-worker's family ate lunch at the same restruant as Bosco!! They are so lucky lol. Overall the concert was a great experience, really enjoyed it!

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