Friday, February 15, 2008

Eason's Moving Mohegan Sun Concert Review

Thanks Jenny Li for the Eason Chan concert review from the VIP seats. Enjoy!!!

Eason Chan's concert was on Feb. 9th, 2008. I got ViP seats; and I was pretty close up front. Eason was dressed up as a bride at first, which i thought was weird. But, at the end it matches with his song! =) He was very funny, and he talks a lot! O_O He was like " Happy Chinese New Year, Where's my red envelope? " A fan replied " You're married, you're supposed to give us red envelopes! " He said, " Even though I have a daughter, it doesn't mean I'm married. I can do one with you, it's not that bad! " LOL! Anyways, his outfits were really good and it matches with his songs perfectly. He got tired easily though =x He started being worn out after like the 3rd song? Well, I enjoyed his concert because he knew what to do to keep the fans awakee! He would have funny moments with us and sometimes ask us to scream his name. Some people shook his hand but it was all the way on the other side! It wasn't fair!! =o Yea well, I liked the very end because everyone got up to dance. His music were like techno-club music. I loved it so much, all the sounds and everything. He has some great dancers as well. He said most of his songs were new but, I think it sounds really good. Overall, this concert was very good! Except, he didn't give encore! =[ He couldn't because Mohegan Sun was too strict he said >.<'' He looked extremely cute at the end! He was wearing a Red with Gold and it matched him soo much! This was def. one of my favorite concerts. He knew how to plan everything for the fans. =]

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