Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Raymond Lam Atlantic City Concert Review

Thanks Tracie for the review of Raymond's concert. Enjoy!!!

Raymond & Sharon's concert was on February 9th and I was very excited! Ever since I heard Raymond's new album, I fell in love with his singing and couldnt wait to hear it live! The concert started at 1 am, and my family decided to go down 15 mins earlier. My mom and siblings went down first since I had to wait for my aunt. When I was walking down the halls to the elevator I saw a few people down the hall and thought that they might be going to the concert too. As I got to the elevator and was waiting for it, I saw those group of people walk pass me and I looked at them thinking 'why are they going that way if the elevator is this way'. Then suddenly I saw Raymond's face& the back of Sharon's head!!! He looked my direction but I wasnt sure if he saw me lol. They looked like they were in a hurry so I didnt bother to say hi but I really wanted to, I should have! I heard them say "hurry the concert is about to start". I was really happy I saw him in the halls before the concert & it turned out that they lived on the same floor as me!! At some point I wanted to stalk them afterwards hahas! If I wasnt late then i wouldnt have been able to see him!

The concert was really good! I really enjoyed it! Raymond was very cute & sings really good! The fans were really wild and were all out of their seats! The security got mad and started screaming at people to go back to their seats. Sharon came out in the audience, but it was too much people around her she had to run back onto stage. She was also gonna give out autographed cards. She sang very well which I didnt expect lol. Shes very tall but pretty. Raymond and Sharon had a brother and sister relationship which I thought was cute.

During the concert Raymond wanted to come down and begged everyone to go back to their seats cause he said he really wants to come down. He tried one time and walked down the stairs but not even after 3 steps he ran back up. LOL! I think he got scared cause everyone started running towards him. He's very sweet though. He told them to restart the music so he can try again. He tried all over again and this time he made it half way down but couldnt go on and had to go back on stage. I really wanted to shake his hands! At the end of the concert they threw out autographed posters!!! I couldnt reach the middle so I had to stand on the side of the stage. Raymond tried throwing some really far, he threw a lot to the middle. Sharon & him threw about 5 at my side. I was really close on gettin one but all the people were pushing and I didnt want anyone to get hurt so I stopped trying. My sister was really close on gettin one but she was too short and it flew over her head. At the really end, they sang a chinese new year song lol.

I got back to my hotel floor and looked towards the direction where raymond and sharon came from before and thoought about waiting for them but I was really tired and was hoping I will see them tomorrow. The next day I woke up and walked around but had no luck. When I was waiting for the elevator to go down to the lobby I looked back at that moment when I saw Raymond! It was unforgettable but I regret not saying hi to him. oh well lol..Overall it was a great experience and wonderful concert.


wv0906 said...

i went to the concert too but i didnt get ney poster... but that was cool u got to see him in person hopefully he come back again and sing and i would really want to get a closer seat... my seat was at 103 i 14 not bad but the front seats look nice lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When is Raymond lam gonna have another concert in AC, NJ????....Ray is awesome singer!