Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fly to the Sky Hawaii Concert 08 Review

From what I can get from the fan-cam videos and pictures the stage was kind of small, not the usual large scale stages they are used to. The stage was kind of bare with big TV screens plastered in the background; very theater like stage, some light work but not fancy or high scale light work, and no special stages. Which I think is ok because it just showcased their vocals even better. Brian and Hwanhee did solo and group songs, dancing, and all round entertaining performances as if it was a high scale concert. They looked hot as always wearing suits and Hwanhee even ripped off his shirt in one performance….

It kind of seems like it was more like a fan meeting than a concert to me. Some fans account was that both Brian and Hwanhee were so sweet and kind, and took the time out to talk to everyone, but they did notice that Hwanhee was kind of shy especially when it came to him speaking in english…yes he and Brian talked in english, but I think Brian probably talked more than Hwanhee because of the language barrier. But it’s good that Hwanhee tried and all. After the concert they sighed autographs for fans like 100 or more, not sure.

Little inside infor
One of the reasons why FTTS decided to go to Hawaii was that Brian’s brother lives there who also was there at the concert. Brian’s brother was so shy on the stage……GOD! I think the hot gene must run in the family because his brother hot too….here is a link to the video of Brian’s brother on stage with him…


Even though the stage was small I am happy they actually did a US concert and is a great start that may lead to future performance here in the States. WE LOVE YOU FTTS!

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